Sunday, 27 June 2010

From Behind The Surgical Mask

Greetings and welcome to my latest blog which comes to you this month from behind a surgical mask. You see I am one of millions of people who suffer from hay fever; my allergies being specific to grass pollen at this time of year and today, the pollen count is off the scale.

Today has been the hottest day since the beginning of the year and whilst I seem to spend my time waiting for summer (you see I don't like the cold wet winters either) I find it ironic that having now received the sunshine I so badly craved I am complaining as much as I did during the winter months. There is no pleasing some I know.
So I write today in great discomfort from the heat and the allergies. I am sneezing louder than a vuvuzela and my eyes are bloodshot red!

Speaking of vuvuzelas; England sadly went out of the world cup today in what most will describe as their worst performance as a team in a very long time. Already the jokes have begun..."Breaking News... England have a new coach. It will come tomorrow morning to pick them up and bring them home..."
'We wasn't robbed!"... I feel could be an appropriate caption for the image on this blog. All due credit to whoever created it.

On the other hand my beloved Ghana has made her way through to the final 16; an achievement of no mean feat and I am extremely proud. I will be glued to my set on July 2nd as they come up against Uruguay and hope to cheer them to victory.

So for all those who managed to make it to South Africa and not only managed to see your favourite teams play, I hope you managed to get some sight seeing done as well.

Without making it look like I am pushing my wares too hard (ok I am but we all got to make a living don't we?) - don't forget you can turn your photos in to quality large format prints on a range of mounts. If you have loads of them - try getting yourself a beautiful montage and if you really feel like pushing the boat out to make you feel better about England's sad demise (there's a good name for it - retail therapy) well try one of those acrylic matriix things we do.

So until the next time, when the weather will be milder, the surgical mask removed and Ghana the proud winners of the world cup... sayonara my dear friends, see you soon.