Sunday, 8 November 2009

Just Digitally Yours!

PhotoArtistry played host recently to the fun loving Northampton based Just Digital Photography Club .
This is how it happened; Dawn Rogers, the chairman of the club wrote to us after reading the article in Digital Photo Magazine where we won the Gold Award for being one of the best canvas printing companies in the industry. Well as we were local, Dawn wrote to ask if we wouldn't mind awfully coming round to one of their club meetings to share a bit about our company and our products. We thought we could do a little better than that after all we have the space to accomodate about 100 people in our gallery so we invited them over for a party.
25 members of the club turned up and we had a merry time talking about the company and the products and learning more from the photographers own mouth (in a manner of speaking) about their printing requirements.
Do read more about Just Digital on their website, they do get up to some real fun activities and if you are part of a camera club and want to visit us for a little party, please get in touch and we'll arrange it.