Sunday, 2 August 2009

Clearing up clutter

Rachel Elnaugh's webinar with feng shui guru Marie Claire Carlyle was very interesting and so inspirational it spurred me on to embark on decluttering my surroundings and I have to say I feel better for it. The title of the webinar was 'How to become a money magnet' and that drew me onto the call if nothing else.
I have to admit I don't know too much about feng shui and was introduced to it by Rachel at our very first meeting a couple of years ago. I do have a personal conflict between feng shui and my personal faith but I can understand it's practicalities.
So this weekend, I attacked my house with gusto starting not with my wealth sector but with my bedroom, followed by my creative sector - my sun room following which I was able to add another five hundred words to my book.
I have now settled into bed after a shower and as I look around my clutter free room I feel very settled in my mind and can think more clearly. I haven't quite finished yet, next weekend I will be attacking the book shelf and the racks of CDs and in the next few weeks I will go deep into the garage.
Unfortunately the webinar ended abruptly due to some technical issues and so I am not sure how the money magnet bit comes in but I think I have a fair idea.

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