Sunday, 14 June 2009

Not happy with the lad!

Got a call last night to fetch my 15 year old son from a barbecue he attended yesterday - they called me because he was completely drunk and his friends were concerned about him. I have very mixed feelings about this ranging from am I a bad mother to WTH were they doing serving him alcohol? The barbecue was part of their football presentation evening and the bar was open?! To 15 years olds?!

As we drove home he spewed all over the car - completely without warning! We had to finish the journey with the windows wound down. Thank God it was a warm evening.

This morning after a strong lecture about teenage drinking and the dangers of liver poisoning and cirrhosis of the liver (yes he has heard the whole lot) - he was quiet and I hope suitably contrite but I suspect his head was banging so it was probably better to sit very still. He has been cleaning the car, both inside and out (including all the s***t the birds left on the bonnet). His one big concern - was his mate Luke in the car when he threw up? Yes Luke was there, Luke kindly phoned me and kept his mobile phone so he would not lose it, and Luke saw to it that he got home safely.

So thanks Luke - George isn't in bad company after all - and he is worried you are going to tell everyone how he was sick in my car. Spread the news, Luke, make posters (I'll help you with that) and tell everyone about it!! Let's hope it will help him see the folly of his ways and not bring him additional kudos.

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  1. Anne

    I remember many such occasions when I was young!

    I think it's a rite of passage all teenagers go through.

    It doesn't mean you're a bad mother.